Stocking food is common nowadays among those who know the outrageous influences of emergencies. Disasters natural or strategic can hit anytime across the world that often long for lengthy period. In disasters, having enough food supply, which could help you to endure the harshness of bad times, is imperative. Imagine if you could stock a food that would last for several years without spoiling, how good fortune it will be for you? While many people will be finding it hard to survive, you will be having good enough survival stock.

However, it requires you to stock food, which can be done via several methods. The best way to preserve food is to freeze dry foods.  Freezing dry food methods were first tested during world wars II and I, when food storage became integral part of human beings because of crisis. This method is best for preserving food for a longer time. With careful freezing dry food, an item can be stored up to 30 years and it would not spoil which is amazing. However, to achieve this goal of freezing dry food, you will need to learn how to freeze dry food.

How to Freeze Dry Food

There are different methods of freezing dry food items that can help you to learn how to freeze dry food. Here are some useful food preserving methods you should consider to find out the answer of how to freeze dry food?

Freeze Dry Food with help of a Vacuum Chamber

The quickest method which yields the most effective freeze dried food is vacuum chamber. The food is placed inside the vacuum chamber with a pump level of under 133*10-3. once it is frozen. The vacuum chamber is effective because the food is dried and frozen quickly. Once it is done, it is fully sublimed for storage.

Freeze Dry Food with Help of a Freezer

However, if you are not finding a vacuum chamber or it out of your reach, you can still freeze dry food with your freezer. This method is time taking as compared to chamber but it is cost effective as well. In this method, the food is sliced into small cubic pieces in order to be placed on perforated tray in freezer. The food takes few hours after which you should sublime it. Make sure all the moisture is removed from it. While doing sublimation, you must consider color of food. If it turns into black, then it is not yet ready. However, if it has not lost its color, it is ready for storage.

These are two of the most followed methods for freezing dry food. Once you are done with freezing dry food, next step is to store it inside the airtight containers. Make sure you keep the freeze-dried foods in airtight containers to prevent getting it moisturized. In addition, do not place these containers at a place where it would be exposed to light. Besides these, temperature is another big factor to be considered.

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